Redcliffe Wedding | Tory & Grant

Tory & Grant

I grew up with Grant.. He used to be the pesky boy that lived a few houses down from my mum’s Mahjong group.  Also the dude that chucked spitballs at me in class in High School.  Who knew he’d turn in the to sweet, sensitive and quirky smart guy he is today…..

I met Tory for the very first time on their wedding day.  I was smitten from the very first hello.  I could see perfectly that Tory was the perfect match for Grant. Sweet, Kind and Beautiful Tory.

Nothing compares .. when you share in a day filled with love, family and honest emotions.  Grants family and friends surrounded this wedding with a glow of happiness and love and kinship.  It will always remain one of my favorite weddings.  Although it was a simple beach wedding with a small group of friends and family.  The atmosphere and day was complete and full.

Congratulations Grant on finding your Tory.

May your love and friendship be forever and always.


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