The Baby Summit Australia 2016 |A Heart Filled with Learning and A Soul Replenished

The Baby Summit 2016 | Learning and Growth

A month ago, I attended a much awaited 3 Day Convention called “The Baby Summit”.  I kept hearing how amazing it was from friends who attended this in 2014 and so when time came last year to enrol, I took the plunge and paid for the conference and didn’t tell hubby about the chunk of money missing from our account!

I thought I was attending a Conference with Lectures and Talks and Demonstrations.  I brought my whole family thinking I would have company and keep me occupied in the boring parts (secretly, I was scared to go alone).  I even brought my laptop and a hard disc of work to edit and get through.  I thought that I would run back to my hotel room at the finish of each day and maybe bypass the social events as I get so anxious among strangers.  I’m not much of a social butterfly especially when I’m surrounded by such amazing talented artists, I was worried I would appear to be some crazed fan who kept staring at them.


I was overwhelmed by the MAGIC that is the BABY SUMMIT.  I’m not a baby photographer in the proper sense as I photograph families in a lifestyle documentary style and I shy away from babies.. … so attending a conference that is named “The Baby Summit” was not really true to my business direction… WRONG! I was so very WRONG!

Everything I soaked up those three days was totally what I needed for my artistic soul, my business blocks, my ever questioning issues with Marketing, SEO, Websites, Client interaction.. ALL of it!  and THEN SOME! The overwhelming sense of community and support was heartwarming and so even to the anti-social me.. I made lifelong friends.

It was a whirlwind three days filled with so much learning and so many “A Ha! moments”.

Most importantly, I met so many many BEAUTIFUL Artistic Souls and was made to feel so included and apart of a community that believes in uplifting and sharing and support!  Kelly Brown, Rob Brown, Garret Hollis and all those amazing speakers and the awesome Baby summit Helpers and not to mention all those wonderful vendors in the trade show, They all Rocked my World in 3 days!  THANK YOU!

The Baby Summit for me was life changing!  So looking forward to the next one!  Counting down to meet all my Baby Summit friends again!






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